Redemptorist Social Services Center, a nonsectarian, 501(c)3 non-profit agency, has provided a lifeline to the poor and elderly of metropolitan Kansas City since 1986. Our comprehensive programs of Emergency Client Assistance, Senior Services, Legal Assistance and Health Maintenance meet the basic needs of individuals facing chronic poverty; the working poor; the elderly; the homebound and the homeless; the long term and the newly unemployed. They address their most basic needs by providing critical assists with shelter, utility and medical payments; food and clothing; ATA public transportation; education and work related needs. The staff of Redemptorist Center offers a combined total of over 50 years experience dedicated to making a substantial difference in the lives of people in crisis.


Our Mission

Preventing a temporary crisis from becoming a permanent tragedy.

Our mission involves:

1)  Helping to assure the immediate survival of the low income and aging populations in metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri.

2)  Helping to prevent people in our community from becoming or staying homeless.

3)  Ministering to the physical, social and economic needs of the elderly.

4)  Seeking long range solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty.

“I got the job yesterday, everyone here told me they were proud of me. They helped my family more than they know.”
— Margaret, Mom of 3, Client

Our Programs

Emergency Client Assistance

This comprehensive program meets the basic needs of individuals facing chronic poverty; the low income; the elderly; the homebound and the homeless; the newly and long term unemployed. It provides direct assists at critical times with shelter, utility and medical expenses, food, clothing and transportation, educational and work related needs. The program goal is to provide a stabilizing force in the lives of individuals and families in crisis by giving them access to life-sustaining needs. It has multiple outreach components in order to best respond to the changing needs of the individuals and community we serve: Matching Payments; Medical Matters; Victims of Crime Assistance; Empowering Families & Youth, etc.

Senior Services

The program focus is to improve and maintain the quality of life for the elderly. It includes Saturday Meal Delivery to the homebound; minor home repairs; emergency assistance services; free legal counsel and health and wellness screenings. The Center is the only agency offering this program for the elderly.

Legal Assistance

The Center partners with a group of attorneys who provide free legal counsel to all clients of the Center such as public entitlement; applications and appeals; landlord/tenant issues; lessening of function and end of life issues, etc.

Health Maintenance

A free ongoing program staffed by area health care professionals including Swope Parkway, Truman Medical Center, Truman Eye Clinic, UMKC School of Dentistry, St. Luke's Hospital and This program offers assistance in locating community resources to support ongoing medical need; nutritional and disease prevention education; home health assessment for the homebound; flu shots.  It also  provides basic human dignity products that are not covered by government assistance such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.